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Good Morning Program

Daily Telephone Check-in Program

If you are 60 years or older, disabled and live alone in Bath, or the surrounding towns then this is a perfect free program for you! It allows you to call in every morning between 8am and 10am to check in. If you don’t call you will be contacted, or an officer will stop by to make sure you are okay. Contact Bath Police Dep. at 443-5563, application for Bath residents, and Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Dep. at 443-8529 during regular business hours, for residents of surrounding towns.

Wandering Person Program

This program provides a network of critical real time information including a transmitter and a photograph to Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Dep., which assists in locating Individuals prone to wander due to Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other mental/medical conditions. Registration is simple, and your information is secure and private. Call 443-8529 during regular business hours for more information.

Sand Buckets for Seniors

If you or someone you know are 65 or older and would like some sand for their walkway during the winter months call 443-5563 for Bath residents, and 443-8529 for residents of surrounding towns.


"Sand Buckets for Seniors" program is made possible by the generous donation of buckets from local hardware stores and sand from Bath Public Works in partnership with Sagadahoc Sheriff Department and the Bath Police Department.

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