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About Us



To help our communities become the best possible home for people of all ages, by ensuring that public spaces, homes, programs, civic events, and social gatherings are set up to meet people changing wants and needs across the lifespan.


In our communities, people of all ages are able to live safely and comfortably in their homes, get easily to where they want to go, enjoy social connections that nourish their souls, make a contribution to our communities, help others in multiple generations and receive the support they need to thrive. Everyone is respected, everyone is included, everyone belongs.


Our Region

Together we believe we can make our communities on the lower Kennebec River in Maine’s mid coast more livable for a lifetime, and a place where everyone is respected, everyone is included and everyone belongs. 

Our History

The Age-Friendly Communities of the Lower Kennebec are on the land of Mawooshen, which had been populated by the Wawenoc people prior to the arrival of Europeans. The land provided seasonal fishing in the tidal rivers of the Androscoggin, Kennebec, Sasanoa, and New Meadows, as well as Merrymeeting Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. In the winter, the people moved inland. 


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