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(Seek, Elderly, Alone, Renew Courage & Hope)            A program of Catholic Charities


What is the SEARCH Program?

  • It is a wonderful program that utilizes screened and trained volunteers to help the isolated elderly living in Sagadahoc and Lincoln County, along with Brunswick and Harpswell. Our goal is to help folks remain independent in their homes for as long as possible, and to connect them to a caring community. Our mission is to enable vulnerable seniors to remain independent and create a long-term support system to meet their needs.

What do the volunteers do?

  • Our volunteers may telephone to see how a person is doing. They may provide transportation and run errands or go grocery shopping, they might play cards with someone, another may help with letters or forms, or they may just stop by, at an agreed time & just talk. What the volunteer does is determined by what the elder and the volunteer agreed on.

How are the volunteers chosen?

  • All potential volunteers are interviewed by the SEARCH Program Coordinator. Then we run checks on their references and licenses. Additional checks are done into criminal/SBI records and sex offender registry check. Only after all these checks are done and clear do we consider the volunteer “official”. The Volunteer then completes a volunteer orientation training. The Program Coordinator matches the elder and his/her needs for services and the volunteer according to their preference and availability.

How is an elderly person chosen?

  • A person can call the SEARCH Greater Bath Program Coordinator, Michele Melanson, at 207-837-8810 to make a referral. We provide services to seniors, aged 60 and above, and we accept referrals from many sources. Some examples are a family member, local agencies and organizations. We will then call the person and schedule an interview and intake meeting. From the information obtained during the interview, the Program Coordinator will try and find the best match.

Who can volunteer?

  • Anyone can volunteer, children with an adult, teenagers with parental consent, individuals, teams, such as a husband and wife or a couple of friends. There are lots of ways people can help.

How can find out more information?

  • Call SEARCH at the Greater Bath site office 207-837-8810 or send an email to our Program Coordinator, Michele Melanson at

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