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Meeting Minutes 1/11/2024

Updated: Jan 26


Deirdra Murphy

Karin Sadtler

Jim Peavey

Janet Persen

Susan Ellis

Jess Irish

Michele Melanson

Polly Shaw

Barbara Reinertsen

Deirdra thanked Jess Irish and Bath Housing for hosting the meeting.

Jess presented an overview of the work Bath Housing does.

Karin is stepping down as Co-chair. Everyone present thanked Karin for her deep and extensive service to the organization.

Michele will be replacing her. Michele works with the SEARCH program for Catholic Charities.

SEARCH is run by Catholic Charities… it is a program that has volunteers get training to work with people, take them for appointments and act as companions. Individuals get referred to the program by family members, agencies or simply by calling themselves. There is a link on the AFCLK website.

The biggest problems for low-income people are transportation and housing.

Karin also functioned as Treasurer. Linda McCourt handles payments. Karin kept a spreadsheet. Jess Irish till take on this responsibility.

Also need a secretary: someone who takes notes. Susan volunteered to provide her notes for every meeting but did not want to take on the role of secretary. Janet Persen said she might do it. We will take turns.

NDEC (National Digital Equity Center) – we got a grant from Maine Community Foundation for free tablets and smart phones. This program is administered by NDEC. NDEC still have some money left. Age Friendly Georgetown (Jim) has been organizing meetings in Georgetown and have had 3 different class topics with up to 10 participants. Jim sends out an email to 400+ people in Georgetown; once Georgetown people have had time to respond, goes out to Arrowsic people. Classes are free. NDEC offers two different versions: on site with teacher broadcast remotely over Zoom or just online over Zoom. You can learn a lot; you can take a class more than once. There are about 40 different classes on

using technology, saving money on cable…topics like that.

The enrollment process can be challenging and courses are open to everyone; Karin and Jim are trying to work with NDEC to ensure that spots remain reserved while Georgetown and Arrowsic people are working on enrolling.

Janet Eich is thinking of having Woolwich offer these classes.

Susan volunteered to look into setting this up in Phippsburg. Will join Jim’s email list to see what he sends and begin thinking about how to create an AFCLK email list for Phippsburg. There is a copy of the survey results on the AFCLK website that may provide useful information.

West Bath, the town clerk keeps an email list.

Rack Card

Most recent update of rack card was sent to Morse High School. The class is going to do the design work for free. They will also print for cost of materials. Photo releases have been sent out and high res images are being sent; hoping to have proof for February meeting.

TRIAD Funds Bath Housing has been holding these funds. They have given them to AFCLK $2226.35. We now have this money. We were going to use for rack card; because the cost is less only a small amount will be needed for the project. Deirdra said she asked TRIAD Chair police chief Andrew Booth if there was any guidance/restriction on how we could use the funds and heard that as long as we used them in some way to help older people it would be fine.

Walking Club

Was in operation pre-COVID. Working again with Y to allow people without a membership to go into the YMCA to do a walking program on their track.


Had money for chess tables in two locations and to place benches in two locations. This was grant money from AARP.

Maine Community Foundation gave money to print action plan; emergency grant helped us create website.

Received money from the Maine Community Foundation to supply devices to people who do not have them; has been challenging finding recipients. People have to commit to taking classes if they get the device. Of 6-8 tablets, only 1 took the classes. We are going to check what to do with the remaining money.

AARP ADUs was the next grant; worked with city planner and others from City of Bath including Phyllis to get the word out about ADUs (guidebook and trifold). Phyllis was instrumental in getting the ordinance in place. Our work has been a template for other places like South Portland.

There is about $750 left total from these funds.

February 24 is Winterfest.

We need volunteers to work at our table.


We will do some by Zoom and some in person, probably at Bath Housing.

We will continue with social gatherings. Working on setting up next one.

Town Hall Forum

We need to reach out to people in each town to get at least three town leaders to attend. Deirdra provided slides we can use as an aid for encouraging people to attend. Suggestion is to get on the Selectman or Councilor or some other town agenda to promote the event.

Send out a save the date.

Ask for RSVP because there is food.

Deirdra will send out an email template we can use to approach people.

AARP has given us $700 to rent a space and get food; wants regional input; AARP person will come meet with us after this forum to help us with strategic planning.

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