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1     Strategic Framework                                                                         

2     History and Community Profile                                                        

3     Process for Developing the Plan                                                      

4     Community Assessment, Focus Areas, Goals, Strategies              

              4.1       Homes​                                                                                        

              4.2       Mobility                                                                                     

              4.3       Social Connections                                                                 

              4.4       Communications                                                                      

5     Community Strengths                                                                        

6     Future Processes for Implementation             


6  Future Processes for Implementation


The AFCLK Steering Committee has agreed to adhere to this Action Plan to secure progress, mitigate the potential for conflict and misunderstanding and ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction. We encourage committee members to take on tasks that are concise and manageable. We are building this initiative to be sustainable and will focus on the immediate tasks.


This Action Plan is a living document that will be refined or modified to respond to new situations or information as they arise. The following processes have been established to ensure on-going accountability to the Action Plan:


On-going Action Reports

At AFCLK meetings committee members will have the opportunity to report on their activities, challenges and proposals for change in action items.


Approval of Action Items/Objectives

Any substantive additions, withdrawals or changes to action items in the Action Plan will be approved by the Steering Committee.



AFCLK acknowledges the comprehensiveness of its five-year plan and the time constraint of its all-volunteer organization. Therefore, the timeline for the completion of the plan is flexible in nature.


Action Plan

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