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1     Strategic Framework      

2     History and Community Profile                                                        

3     Process for Developing the Plan                                                      

4     Community Assessment, Focus Areas, Goals, Strategies              

              4.1       Homes​                                                                                        

              4.2       Mobility                                                                                     

              4.3       Social Connections                                                                 

              4.4       Communications                    

5     Community Strengths                                                                        

6     Future Processes for Implementation                                              



1  Strategic Framework



In our communities, people of all ages are able to live safely and comfortably in their homes, get easily to where they want to go, enjoy social connections that nourish their souls, make a contribution to our communities, help others in multiple generations and receive the support they need to thrive. Everyone is respected, everyone is included, everyone belongs.



To help our communities become the best possible home for people of all ages, by ensuring that public spaces, homes, programs, civic events, and social gatherings are set up to meet people’s changing wants and needs across the lifespan.



In order to accomplish its mission AFCLK provides information, promotes initiatives, engages volunteers, creates connections and enhances collaboration among all residents, caregivers and other organizations.


Organizational Structure

AFCLK is a grassroots coalition open to anyone in our region who wishes to participate. The members of the Steering Committee meet in person or via online conference services. Following the survey and data analysis three subcommittees were formed: homes, mobility, social connections. In addition, communications were identified as important in each of the focus areas. A Leadership Team was formed with currently five members to strengthen our effectiveness. While we do not have an official role in our municipalities' infrastructure, we are in regular contact with the five town offices and representatives from the City of Bath. The City of Bath is our fiscal sponsor. Within our group we have a representative from the Age-Friendly Georgetown initiative, which started activities in 2017.


People and Processes

There is an existing culture in our municipalities of caring for our neighbors and we are working to provide additional support and resources to those efforts. Our group currently has twenty-one members. We do not operate with bylaws or an overly formalized structure to date. Members are preparing upcoming meetings and grant applications, are sending out newsletters to over 300 recipients, are engaged in organizing learning opportunities and presentations, and are initiating partnerships with local organizations.


Action Plan

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