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1     Strategic Framework                                                                         

2     History and Community Profile                                                        

3     Process for Developing the Plan                                                      

4     Community Assessment, Focus Areas, Goals, Strategies 

              4.1       Homes​                                                                                        

              4.2       Mobility                                                                                     

              4.3       Social Connections 

              4.4       Communications

5     Community Strengths                                                                        

6     Future Processes for Implementation    

4.4  Communications


  • 85% stated that information about community events was easy to find. 12% disagreed.

  • 91% used the Internet. For communication 89% used the phone, 77% used email and 45% used Facebook.

  • To find out what’s happening residents checked the Internet (78%), read the newspaper (61%), talked with friends (58%) and listened to the radio (34%). Participants looked at flyers (27%), watched public access TV (24%) and heard about events at church (15%).

  • The most popular places to look for information concerning services for older people were the Internet (68%), family and friends (59%), City Hall and Town Offices (53%), the Bath Senior Center (44%) and medical providers (36%), followed by newspapers (31%), Spectrum Generations (15%) and faith-based organizations (14%). 

"Our 86-year old neighbor constantly has issues finding someone to do what she needs to have done. She doesn't have a computer, so finding information is very difficult for her." Many survey participants commented on the need for "high speed broadband internet connections".


Goal: Provide reliable information in a way that ensures access across the community.


  • Activities: Develop an AFCLK website.

  • Metrics/Outcome: The website is operational.

  • Timeline: 2022- 2024


  • Activities: Expand the AFCLK Facebook engagement.

  • Metrics/Outcome: 10% yearly in the number of Facebook followers (Baseline #127 on 2.3.2021).

  • Timeline: 2021-2024


  • Activities: Develop consistent communications with town offices and Bath Area Senior Citizens Activity Center.

  • Metrics/Outcome: Monthly communication with town offices and Bath Area Senior Citizens Activity Center. (Baseline three consecutive months article in the Bath Area Senior Citizens Newsletter.)

  • Timeline: 2021-2024


  • Activities: Research a plan for using assistive technology, funding, and training.

  • Metrics/Outcome: A finalized assistive technology and computer training plan.

  • Timeline: 2022-2024

  • Activities: Create and distribute an Emergency Responder Resource Card.

  • Metrics/Outcome: A minimum of 400 older adults receive the Emergency Responder Resource Card.

  • Timeline: 2022-2024


  • Activities: Develop a one-page updatable Service Resource Inventory geared towards older adults.

  • Metrics/Outcome: Information available on website, distributed electronically to mailing list, service providers and towns by 12/22.

  • Timeline: 2021-2022


Action Plan

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